The Backbone of Cytology Training

With a principal catchment area stretching the length and breadth of the of the Pennine Way, the North of England Pathology and Screening Education Centre (NEPSEC) is the creation emerging from a successful unification of the former East Pennine Cytology Training Centre and the North West Cytology Training Centre.

Supported by a Strategic Partnership Agreement between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHSFT and overseen by a Management Board, the training centre aims to become the backbone of cytology and cellular pathology training, creating and maintaining a centre of excellence.

NHS Cervical Screening Programme Workforce

The principal role of the North of England Pathology and Screening Education Centre (NEPSEC) is to ensure the development of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme workforce, through the promotion of a range of high quality training initiatives and courses.

How can Nepsec help you

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