NHSCSP Approved Cytology Training Centre

Learners will be required to complete an introductory course in gynaecological cytology at an NHSCSP approved cytology training centre, which provides them with theoretical and practical instruction in cervical cytology and prepares them for the Pre-Reg Diploma in Cervical Cytology.

The Introductory course is of 4 weeks duration (120 hours) and delivered within a 6-week period.

Approximately 80 hours of the whole course should be spent on microscopy; about 20 hours of which must be at a multi-headed teaching microscope in order to allow an assessment of the learners’ ability.

Example of Pre-Reg Diploma in Cervical Cytology course content:

Week one

In the first week students will have an introduction to the Pre-Reg Diploma.

The use of the microscope and screening technique will be discussed.

The morphology of normal sample constituents, including hormonal patterns and the identification of common infections will be introduced.

Week Two

The morphology of squamous lesions of the cervix will be discussed.

Week Three

Week three concentrates on glandular lesions with the emphasis on endocervical and endometrial abnormalities.

Week Four

The concept of borderline nuclear changes is introduced, along with an opportunity to consolidate learning from the previous three weeks.

Throughout the four week period students will receive lectures on theoretical aspects of cytology and the screening programme.

At the end of every week each student’s achievement of learning outcomes will be assessed both practically and theoretically.


TBC as and when required

Further information or an application form, please contact Kathryn.Hawke@nhs.net
or telephone 0113 2466330.